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Jingles Boblobagus!

My class had a very lucky delivery at the beginning of December!  Our principal brought down a very chilly package marked from the North Pole!  My students were so excited and we ran to the back of the room where we do Circle Talk to open it.  Inside they found:

All of these setup pieces can be found in my Classroom Elf Setup Package!
After I read the story, we had a vote for names.  There was a great variety of names.  In the end though, we had a tie between two names.  So we re-voted on just those two.  We ended up with Jingles as a first name, and Boblobagus as a last.  Jingles spent his first day with us under the Christmas tree.  After that, he got up to many sneaky things around the classroom!  I didn't take pictures every day - but here is some of what he did:

A Christmas tree made out of snap cubes.

Jingles checked out a brand new Christmas book from the library.

Lazy Jingles!  Sleeping in a T.P. hammock!

Jingles toilet paper-ed our class Christmas tree!

We had a pj and pancake breakfast day.  Jingles brought colouring pages for while students waited for food.
He added these wooden snowflakes to our window for one day.  They were very pretty!

 A movie for our Christmas party!

This Classroom Elf Setup Package includes all you need to introduce your elf at home or at school! 

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