Saturday, 10 November 2012

Remembrance Day

At my school, every class is responsible for one assembly.  My class teamed up with the grade 4/5 class and did an awesome performance of Thriller for Halloween.  (I'd love to show it, but still checking to see if all kids have permission to be shown online.)  A grade 6 class signed up to do the Remembrance Day assembly.  They did a truly amazing job.  There was a skit, a song, many beautiful movies....  

They asked each class to create a wreath to be presented during the assembly.  I didn't want to do the traditional colour and cut out poppies for a paper wreath.  I wanted to create a true, 3D wreath.  Of course, I couldn't find any wreath forms.  So we had to improvise and cut one out of a foam cushion.  I then wrapped it in green ribbon.  

Under the document camera, I led my class through the process of making a pinwheel.  I felt a pinwheel was appropriate as it is "similar" in shape to a poppy.  They were also red, with black centres.  If you don't know how to make a pinwheel, the process is very simple.  Just google it, there are lots of tutorials out there.  

I then asked the class who wanted the opportunity to bring the wreath to the front.   After describing the job, those who were interested wrote their name on a post-it note and I drew one.  I felt it was the only fair way to go about it.  I wish I took a photo of all the wreaths at the front of the gym.  The wreath is now hanging out the door of the classroom.  I think it is very beautiful and will save it for upcoming years.  
Close up

Quickly, I wanted to share our poppy artwork.  The poppies are made out of coffee filters painted with tempura paints.  Some used a bit too much yellow paint, but I like the variety of shades.  The newspaper clippings are from a Remembrance Day school newspaper.  That added texture and some themed wording.  Inspiration is from "That Artist Woman", a wonderful school art website. 
I love how these came out!

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