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Remembrance Day

At my school, every class is responsible for one assembly.  My class teamed up with the grade 4/5 class and did an awesome performance of Thriller for Halloween.  (I'd love to show it, but still checking to see if all kids have permission to be shown online.)  A grade 6 class signed up to do the Remembrance Day assembly.  They did a truly amazing job.  There was a skit, a song, many beautiful movies....  

They asked each class to create a wreath to be presented during the assembly.  I didn't want to do the traditional colour and cut out poppies for a paper wreath.  I wanted to create a true, 3D wreath.  Of course, I couldn't find any wreath forms.  So we had to improvise and cut one out of a foam cushion.  I then wrapped it in green ribbon.  

Under the document camera, I led my class through the process of making a pinwheel.  I felt a pinwheel was appropriate as it is "similar" in shape to a poppy.  They were also red, with black centres.  If you don't know how to make a pinwheel, the process is very simple.  Just google it, there are lots of tutorials out there.  

I then asked the class who wanted the opportunity to bring the wreath to the front.   After describing the job, those who were interested wrote their name on a post-it note and I drew one.  I felt it was the only fair way to go about it.  I wish I took a photo of all the wreaths at the front of the gym.  The wreath is now hanging out the door of the classroom.  I think it is very beautiful and will save it for upcoming years.  
Close up

Quickly, I wanted to share our poppy artwork.  The poppies are made out of coffee filters painted with tempura paints.  Some used a bit too much yellow paint, but I like the variety of shades.  The newspaper clippings are from a Remembrance Day school newspaper.  That added texture and some themed wording.  Inspiration is from "That Artist Woman", a wonderful school art website. 
I love how these came out!

Interested in some blackline masters you can use with any Remembrance Day picture book?  Click the image or button below to get your copies.

Send me the blacklines!

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