Sunday, 28 June 2015

My Favourite Quote

My blogging buddy Miss Monica has been having a weekly summer link up.  Each week has a different topic.  I linked up for her first topic - My Goals for the Summer.  The month of June has been so busy, I just haven't been able to participate in any others.  But today, I'm linking up to share with you my favourite quote.

Several quotes came to mind, but this one really speaks to the educational side of me.  And being that this is an educational blog, it's the one I chose to share:

 I really try and impress a growth mindset upon my students.  It's truly important they understand that mistakes are part of the learning process.  This quote sums that up perfectly.  And, it's said by my favourite man of science too!

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  1. Hi Angela!

    It's great that you are back! I love your quote. It's a major struggle for students to accept the fact that they will make mistakes - and that some things will be difficult for them to learn and understand. My mantra in the classroom is "Don't be afraid of your eraser! It is your friend!"

    One of my proudest teaching moments came last year when a student who was struggling with a new math concept came to my desk and said, "I need a new strategy. I have tried all the ones I know and I can't figure this out!" Best. Response. Ever.

    Thanks again for linking up!


  2. I really do love your quote one of my favorite that I have come across and really struck me as soon as I read it. A truly great quote.