Friday, 12 September 2014

Five for Friday

The picket line continues this week.  Monday and Tuesday were cold!  Into the negative temperatures!  WAY too early for that.  On Tuesday, Crystal and I were left alone to man the line - never a smart thing.... This is what happened:

I got a new pet this week - Herman the Hermit Crab.  Herman will be joining me in my classroom when I return to school.  To educate my students, I made this huge unit on hermit crabs and their care:

♥ Teacher Info - why hermit crabs make a great pet
♥ Setting Up a Crabitat - all the information you need to set up a crabby home
♥ Introducing Your Crab(s) - 3 informational posters (most with black and white/color versions)
♥ Non-Fiction Readers - 4 readers with comprehension questions
♥ Graphic Organizers - 8 different organizers, some with interlined options (answer keys for all)
♥ Vocabulary Cards - 12 terms and their definitions (black and white/color versions)
♥ Scoot - 24 cards, recording sheet and answer key
♥ Test - 4 pages with answer key
♥ Checklist - Daily and Weekly (black and white/color versions)

I somehow forgot to share this tidbit of news last week... so I will share it now.
For his birthday Ryan received a card from my parents, which is typical.  Inside was a cheque, also typical.  What was exciting was the note inside.  It read "If you want your Christmas present, you'd better use this money to get some passports."  It appears for Christmas, my parents are buying us a trip during Spring Break.  I wonder where we are going?!?! 
To keep me from going crazy during this strike business, I've been working a few shifts at the gym.  The owner is away a bunch this month, and so it's helping us both out.  It's a fairly laid back job and I get to exercise while working. It's actually quite nice to visit with people and those who know I'm a teacher give me some words of encouragement. 

Lastly, I'm rereading this book for a book study with some colleagues.  Well, I'm going to be.  I haven't started yet.  It's rainy outside right now, so I'm thinking this will be a great thing to do this weekend.  It was inspiring the first time I read it, but a bit overwhelming.  I'm hoping to be a bit more focused on it this time around.  I think talking about it with others will help.

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  1. I hope your strike ends soon! Your vacation sounds amazing - what a great surprise!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I am so excited for where ever we are going!!

  2. That is such an awesome birthday gift! I can't wait to find out where you will be going.

    Your hermit crab unit sounds so adorable! I especially love the lesson on building a 'crabitat'!

    I hope your weekend is going well and that this strike ends soon!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I hope that next week's Five for Friday includes a picture of me in school! There are some mediated talks occurring right now... fingers crossed!