Sunday, 24 August 2014

Canadian Resources and Freebies!

Calling all Canadian teachers!   Back to school is just around the corner and we're all wanting to get ready.  What's better than some *FREE* resources?

I teamed up with many other Canadian teachers to create this eBook full of Canadian resources.  There's even some French resources in here!  There's nearly 50 pages of sellers and their resources - each has linked one freebie!!

Seriously, why are you still reading this?  Go download it now!  
(And then come back - there's more to see here!)

You can find me on page 37 of the resource.  I'm sharing my "Catch Up Work" folder label with you all!

While you're here, why not check out some of my specifically Canadian products?

Being that I live in B.C., a lot of the products I design tie in to the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for our province.   My "Ordering Numbers to 10000" is a perfect example of that!

My "Aboriginal Cultures of Canada" file is full of items I use in grade 4 Social Studies.  I do supplement with readings from the text, but here you will find all sorts of items, including a research project.

Don't need the whole big file?  Get just the "Aboriginal Tools" lesson here.

If you do word work in your classroom, you'll love this bundle!  I combine 3 of my word work tasks: Scrabble Spelling, Place Value Spelling, and How Much is your Word Worth - with Canadian coins!

Maybe you want just the Canadian coins file.... you can do that too!

Thanks for reading! I hope you've found some new items for Back to School.  If you know of any other great resources - share them in the comments!

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